Simply delicious - Zucchini, a vegetable of the season

In the current season the hobby gardeners of Germany have courgettes in abundance. Here comes first aid in the form of recipes to preserve garden happiness.

As antipasti- Italian style

You need: a large 2-litre screw glass or several small ones.

2 courgettes approx. 30cm (this is the ideal size, the bowls are still soft)

For the broth:

500ml vinegar, 500ml water

1EL salt 3EL sugar, spices as you like (cloves, pepper, pimento, bay leaves)

500ml olive oil, some thyme sprigs

The zucchinis are cut unpeeled into approx. 5mm thick slices. Then cook in portions in the vinegar stock for a short time, they are soft very quickly. Now lift out with a skimmer and drain well.

Do not overheat the oil in the pan and sauté the slices on both sides.

Then carefully layer in screw glasses, press on, put the thyme twigs between them and pour the oil over each layer - no air should remain in between!

Finally cover with oil and close. Whenever you remove the oil, make sure that everything remains covered by the oil, otherwise there is a risk of mildew!

These delicious antipasti can be stored in a cool place for several weeks - also as pizza topping or in

Noodle casseroles make them wonderful.

Pickled zucchini - long shelf life and yet crispy fresh on the plate

You need:

5 preserving jars a 1 litre or equivalent screw jars

5kg Zucchini- also older ones, as long as the skin is still green

Some big onions - the most beautiful are red ones

A piece of pumpkin, if available, makes the whole thing more colorful, or a red pepper

6 tablespoons salt

The marinade:

600ml vinegar

400ml oil

200g sugar

Cucumber spice (peppercorns, bay leaf, mustard seeds, pimento...)

Here we go:

Cut the courgettes into pencils and take out the inner soak. Cut the onions into rings, pumpkin or paprika into slices. Mix with all the salt in a large bowl and leave to stand for a few hours. The salt extracts the juice so that the courgettes become firmer.

Drain the salty juice and bring to the boil together with the marinade ingredients.

Pour the vegetables into the clean preserving jars, pour over the hot marinade and sterilize at 80 degrees for half an hour.

If you use screw jars, you must of course heat the vegetables before filling and pour the boiling broth over them.