More and more cities and communities are currently developing "fair dividers" - places where leftover food is offered free of charge.

Far too much food, fruit, vegetables, bread, cakes, dairy products etc. are destroyed, not because they are inedible but simply because they are left over - the new delivery comes to the supermarket, where to put the leftovers?

Or what remains with the baker in the evening - why shouldn't it end up on the table instead of in the garbage?

The same goes for food that has reached its sell-by date. These are "at least" durable until... (in English "best before" is written here)

A banner from Germany

That is why we, the "Menu", would like to give the initiative "Foodsharing" the opportunity to introduce itself!

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We are an initiative that is committed to fighting food waste. We "save" unwanted and overproduced food in private households as well as from small and large companies.

Beyond that we understand ourselves as education-political movement and feel obligated to lasting environmental and consumer goals. Among other things, we are committed to a throw-away ban and against the packaging insanity of supermarkets. With these and other topics we are present on events or in media and start own actions.

The organization of our food sharing community and our activities is primarily carried out via the online platform foodsharing. This is where the food savers (foodsharers/foodsavers) in the individual cities and regions network and coordinate their activities. Supra-regional topics, events and information are published via the platform.

Our foodsharing initiative was launched in Berlin in 2012. It has since grown into an international movement with over 200,000 registered users* in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.

The members of the foodsharing community work voluntarily and free of charge. The foodsharing initiative is and remains free of charge, non-commercial, independent and free of advertising. We want to make the platform open source and more accessible worldwide - just as the foodsharing concept of saving food already is.