Everyone knows the international company McDonald's. There are about 1500 branches in Germany. They employ about 58,000 people. But should we really eat there?

The company

However, the number of employees is declining sharply. Why? Because more and more machines and computers, such as the new order screen, are being replaced. Statisticians think that in about 10-20 years there will be only one employee left who will only monitor. 

A total of over 2000 hamburger restaurants of McDonald's and Burger King in Germany alone have led to oversaturation. "The trend is clearly away from fat fries and burgers to more lifestyle" say statistics. 

The origin of the ingredients

McDonald's the largest meat buyer in America and perhaps Europe. But where do the huge quantities of meat that McDonald`s needs to satisfy 64 million people every day come from? In America McDonald`s assures that this meat does not come from South America, where the rainforest is cleared to create pastures for the animals. But there are witnesses who claim the opposite.

In Germany it seems to be similar to America. Consumers and not even employees know where the meat they eat comes from. Rather people are served lies over and over again over the advertisement. Customers are led to believe that McDonald's knows exactly which meat comes from which farm. The advertising shows farmers on their perfect farm who allegedly supply McDonald's with healthy and fresh ingredients. Is the meat production really like it is shown in the advertising? Statisticians don't think.

The health of fast food

Apart from the possible germs in the meat, the other ingredients in McDonald's menus are not healthy either. The film "Supersize Me" by Morgan Spurlock clearly shows how harmful the consumption of McDonald's food can be. He filmed a 30-day self-experiment, in which he only fed on McDonald's food. 

Spurlock accuses fast food chains of being responsible for overweight in America. Critics of course say you shouldn't eat at McDonald's every day. But there are people who do just that.

60% of Americans are overweight. In Europe it becomes also ever more. After smoking, obesity is the second most frequent, avoidable cause of death. Being overweight leads to diseases such as cancer and diabetes, which dominate our society today.