It's Phoking delicious!

Sirloin Cap

It's what appens when you order a custom burger drunk at 4 am

Fine or nah? Just started product photography.

Entrecote with mushroom sauce and tons of fries

Buddy’s Pizza (Detroit, MI)

Best Detroit style pizza Delicious! I remembering seeing this on tv somewhere and thought it looked awesome. Jealous. This is the origi...

Shrimp and Grits

Oh shit this isn't insta

Burger of diabetes

Charcuterie ship at a Viking wedding.

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with meat! Were there actual *Vikings* present? TBH the meat sails look a bit horrific...

[Homemade] Cookie Monster Cake

Love this! I’ve seen Cookie Monster done before but this takes the cake! Too cute! Oh my goodness. This is such a cute cake. I love it....

no trypophobia / no takophobia

How is raw octopus? I've never been able to try it.

Seared yellowfin tuna, potatoes, speck breadcrumbs

Japanese soufflé pancakes with matcha on top and a mini taiyaki

Boeuf bourguignon with rgb background